Report a Missing Game

At SharkScope we strive to maintain the most complete and accurate database of poker tournaments. On many of the biggest sites we maintain a 99% coverage rate. However, if you have played in a tournament that isn’t in our database, you can submit it here for some networks.

If you use the SharkScope Desktop it will automatically report all missing games for you and ensure you have 100% coverage of your results.

Before you submit a missing tournament:

Submit a missing tournament

(For PokerStars only) If you are not sure which tournaments were missed, you can request your recent tournament history from the PokerStars client using the Requests>Tournament History option and request e.g. your last 20 tournaments and then paste the full contents of the email you receive from PokerStars into the Tournament History box above. Although pasting in any text format containing tournament ids will work. When you click submit the missing tournaments will then be identified automatically and submitted to the database within the next 48 hours.